For those who have the pleasure of meeting the One,

The One who is, was, and forever eternally maintains

a connection of physics like no other you will ever meet, they will speak of magic.

Enchanting waves of magic that defy logic and society overtake the Lovers

who after eons of searching experiencing many multidimensional experiences together always

awaiting the moment of remembrance when both are conscious and ready to ascend together as ONE…

One heart One mind One physical walk together, awake and aware,  of THEIR truth their Isis and Osiris…

So heavenly so glorious their RE-Union, their unique high frequency

radiates out into the cosmos, the Stars dance, the Planets heal, old man Time is irrelevant…

A Sacred Love of the 2 who were 1

One as an atom in space which split expanding into duality, once ONE…

Yes many eons it requires for the RE-Union, the spark of nuclear fusion,

the recognition of their Twin Self arriving at 1 point, in the sweep of the 8 fallen to fate

1 point for ascension…







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