TODAY I LIVED & LEARNT … The Teacher Is Within

My time spent meditating today is/was/will be so valuable. Previous experience meditating under a precious Dolma ( Buddhist Nun ) in 2005 gave me the form to hold my body sitting in Lotus position and the reasons why to hold the hands chin tongue and eyes in a certain way. Vippassana has taught me a couple of even different methods. Breathe …
In 2009 & 2010 my teachers were within, I was in terrible emotional pain after losing all through the GFC and all I could do to save mySelf from myself was meditate 20 minutes daily and 35 minutes Yoga.
Since late 2010 and moving Cities I have not been able to get back the discipline within to regularly meditate.
Last year some of us experienced a major spiritual growth spurt, I was well aware of what I needed to do however being distracted by so much information and so many well meaning people it has taken till this year to “get serious” again.
There are many teachers who have offered their help through my facebook page this year, meditators, chakra healers and remote reiki healers. When my teachers were within I was taught to heal others and had a great enjoyable business going for 4 years until I started allowing too many other well meaning people around me from my new local community to dissuade me, it was a subtle influence and now I have no business. Recently on FB I allowed two teachers to help, one who required sending money to India his homeland (called dakshini ) the other required to see my chakras online bare skinned, both these methods have made me feel uncomfortable. Last night I explained so and the Dakshini ( money to the teacher ) method sacked me and the chakra healer from the Himalayas said they’d wait till I was ready. Not sure I’ll ever be ready to expose my naked-ness online.
Waking up this morning feeling unsure of whether I failed them and mySelf I decided, “come on Mons bathe and meditate” knowing the benefits. Off I go to this beautiful rock over looking our dam and I sit Lotus position as taught however the chanting didn’t feel comfortable the latest Dakshini teacher required so I just stopped my egos mind (brain) and breathed.
Well, it happened … Kundalini Rose.
In 1989 after falling 5 stories I hit my head and after this accident Kundalini was awakened, being 24 I didn’t understand, logic told me I have a snake within and at this time in my spiritual experience I was scared so I didn’t encourage the Energy by sitting still for long, anywhere. In 1996 I travelled through India and returned 3 times in 2008 falling in love with India all over again. I am very drawn to India and the spirit wisdom she holds dear, Kundalini was stirring and reminded me of her presence sitting at the computer for many hours researching meta-physics somewhat trance-like on my return.
Anyway, this morning my true teacher returned ( not that she left ) to lift me up up up into the blissful joy, opening my heart wide and confirming I AM not a failure at my growth ever, MY TRUE TEACHER IS WITHIN. Accustomed to the pythonic energy pictured as a snake rising from the charmers basket ego falls down my spine question-less, a quiet observer allowing the energy to lift my head back opening mouth so wide and in total control of my tongue. Nerves awakened around my mouth and nose, the energy twisted my spine stretching out muscles all over my back and neck. Ego was aware as it beholds vanity that I would have looked a sight for the uninitiated, which didn’t worry me as wow this meditation felt so good. When the timer went off I was in nirvana, drunk in the Holy Spirit and was happy to continue feeling the draw on energy through all 7 chakras and out into a pattern of Torus Electrical Energy. My teacher within encouraged me guided me and inspired me to “WRITE THIS article” for this is my truth.
When we learn better we BE better …

Monique Louise Hill
OM Mons @ fb
Mons Hill @ fb