Don’t Be Misery’s Company!

Just what I needed I hope this lifts you…
Love to All
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The Bridge To Freedom

Today (9/11) is the kind of day when a lot of people will go out of their way to manipulate you emotionally. They might want you to feel afraid, or angry, or guilty, or sad. They might have different reasons for trying to manipulate you and some of them might not even be aware that they are doing it.

Just remember that you are responsible for how you feel, not anybody else. If you don’t want to feel afraid, or angry, or guilty, or sad, then don’t let them get to you. Walk away. Don’t engage in drama. Don’t be Misery’s Company. Don’t give others the lower vibrational energy they want. It accomplishes nothing except to help the illusion linger longer and keep you from your path.

Smile. Shine your Light. Don’t worry. Be Happy. Remember why you are here, spread your wings, and raise the vibration. The past…

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