Wendy & Peter


Consciousness …

She awoke it was Morning, Christmas Eve, Wendy needed to “check the chooks”, let them free, free to drink from the purest of water bores, Eat Divinities, Organic Vegetables grown Wild as Mother Gaia, Pure Naturally, Intended … With Love and Light … Healthiest chooks Alive … Wendy could see as she walked to the Garden Bill had set the 5 Black Chooks free and already on his daily morning walk, Rosie the Dog was not with him so Wendy had the Love of the Dog to greet her, Her Loving Connection, Dogs are like that … To the East the morning Sun awakened every pore, electrically pulsating recharging Wendy’s Body for the day, she remembered that the beautiful most radiant light in the Sky was the Sun, and it felt good catching the Suns energy, Wendy thought of her Ode … Facing the East like a Star Fish or was it a Bird Wendy recited her Ode … to The Sun … Source of All Power Who’s Ray’s Illuminate this Mother, Earth, Us Illuminate Also my Heart so it too can do Your Work … Wendy remembered Ralph Blooms Runes given before time and changed a few words to suit herself as she knew she could … Her Heart burst open to A New Day, the Sun our Daily Bread, she remembered her Bible too … Too distracted to meditate Wendy sat for only a few moments, she had also promised herself she would relax and stretch, connect again into her Yoga, it too felt good … Instead … Wendy headed back to the house to water the precious new fruit trees in the backyard as they so needed too … Oops the Heavy Buckets of water, Wendy knew she wasn’t to lift the tall one’s, Anywise, She did even tho Wendy’s body wasn’t what it was when a Maiden, which seemed forever ago, when she flew off with Peter, however only a spring … Wendy still longed to fly … Together Again … She was weak in Her Body, resentment arose lugging a short and a tall bucket to give love to the food, Why was she doing this, Her Body, Her Throne … Aching from Docs Surgery so recently scarred each Nerve in her body yelled she must now fly Home … Yet … A Lion roared, the friendly kind calling for her cub’s, it was felt in Her Roar Wendy heard … Wendy started to Roar and not in a kind way, at The Sleeping Beauty who slept while she toiled, and always seemed to run, in the opposite direction, resentment on fire, Wendy burned … She panicked … No More … What is it … Frantic … Absurd … Fast walking whilst packing cleaning, what to do … You See Now … The Signpost’s remembered, Wendy had said, Yes sure and She Knew … But still lifting buckets her body fought her back … Be Wendy, Away fly fly fly … Don’t ever look back, don’t ever look back, compass and bearings, Yes … On-point!!! Then U Tack … Ahoy … West is on track!!! … For Wendy … Dreams do come true, they do!!! Wendy like TinkerBelle, a Butterfly too, The Signpost’s were Present as Wendy took Stock … She stopped … In the Garden … Wendy then, remembered how Peter had taught her to fly … Second on the Right … Wendy Smiled … Straight on till, Morning … Wendy Smiled as She Flew like … Eagle, above the entanglement … With the Light’s … Free too … Butterflies Are Free … Wendy NOW Free … Enjoy A Beautiful Christmas Families and Exciting New Year … The Year of Our Lord 2015